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San Jose Free Estimate

lock & key servicesWhether you’re thinking about updating the security of your home or business, or you want to find a great locksmith after locking your keys in the car, it is important to make sure you’re getting a great deal. Here at San Jose Locksmith we are known for being the San Jose free estimate experts. We can come out to your home or business and work with you to figure out exactly what types of things you need done to improve your security.

We have found that the most recent projections stipulate there will be an estimated 4500 burglary’s in San Jose, in addition to 1200 robberies and over 12500 cases of larceny and theft in 2013 alone.

While related, these three crimes are actually quite different legally. Robbery is when one person illegally takes the property from another person. Burglary is the unlawful entry onto a piece of property with the intent to commit a felony. Larceny is the unlawful taking and carrying away of someone else’s personal property with the intent of depriving the possessor of it permanently. With these statistics it is clear that everyone should be focused on improving the overall security of their property, and that starts with a San Jose free estimate.

San Jose Free Estimate for Residential Security

Getting a San Jose free estimate for residential security is a great way to get a good understanding of what your options are and how much they will cost. Once you have all the information, you can decide whether you want to have a locksmith replace your locks with high-end options that will keep you safer, or not. Of course, we also offer locksmith services to help you get back into your home if you’ve been locked out.

Commercial Security Estimates

Keeping a business secure is quite a bit different than a home, which is why we have locksmiths who specialize in commercial security options. Our San Jose free estimate offer applies to businesses as well, so any company can find out how much it would cost them to update their security to ensure their property is protected all day and all night.

Why Choose San Jose Locksmith

We’ve been a leader in locksmith services in the San Jose area for many years. Our customers have consistently rated us among the best in the area, and we will always work hard to provide you with the right services for your specific situation. We can give you a San Jose free estimate on any of our popular services including:

  • Lock Repair – If your lock isn’t functioning properly, we can fix it quickly and easily.
  • Residential Security Systems – We can install a new security system, or fix an existing one to help keep your home safe.
  • Commercial Security Systems – Our professional locksmith will help evaluate the specific security needs of your business and make custom recommendations for you.
  • Auto Locksmith – If you’ve ever locked yourself out of a vehicle you know it can be scary and frustrating. We have 24/7 emergency service to get you back in your car fast.

No matter what type of services you require, we can give you a San Jose free estimate so you will know what to expect. We do all we can to keep our prices as affordable as possible so everyone in the San Jose area can have access to the same great security services to keep them and their businesses as safe as possible.