What to Do After Losing Keys to Safe?

lost keys

Despite most people thinking of locksmiths as professionals who mostly deal with front doors and car locks, they actually offer a wider range of services. Many locksmiths will also work with safes, at least a reasonable range of them. Locksmiths can do everything from installing or uninstalling the safe to fixing a broken lock or even helping you get in when you accidentally lose the key or combination. You simply need to be sure that the locksmith you talk to has experience working with safes, but you can ask that over the phone before ever having to pay anything.

Getting Replacement Keys

what to do after losing keys to safe, you may actually be able to solve the problem by yourself. If you are absolutely sure that you have no idea where the key is and don’t need to enter the safe for a few weeks (or at least a few days), you may be able to get a replacement key from the manufacturer. Simply contact the safe manufacturer and request a duplicate key. At the minimum, it will require the model as well as serial number for the safe, both of which you can typically find close to the door hinge. Some safe manufacturers will also ask for a notarized letter that proves you own the safe. You should also expect to pay some sort of fee for the duplicate key.

Opening the Safe

If you need the items within the safe right away, you may be tempted to try to break into it. Keep in mind, however, that safes are designed to withstand abuse and attempted entry, so using something such as a hammer or crowbar is more likely to damage the objects in the safe or injure you than it is to successfully open the safe. If you happen to know how to pick a lock, that may be an option, although it is not always possible for top-of-the-line safes and requires knowledge and special tools. The best option if you need the safe’s contents soon is to talk to a locksmith who works with safes. He or she will have the tools and knowledge to pick the safe locks that can be picked.

Drilling the Safe

When dealing with a high-end safe, they typically include high-security locks that take a great deal of time and effort to pick. It also tends to be more expensive to pick this type of safe lock. As such, be prepared for a locksmith to need to drill your safe open if you have a higher-end model and can’t wait for a replacement key to arrive.

Replacing the Lock

Although it is not always possible, many safes do make it feasible to replace the lock if you have lost the key. In the case of drilling locks, for example, the locksmith will probably be able to replace it, either with the original (and provide you with a key) or a new lock, so you have keys. Locksmiths can also help open your safe even if it relies on a mechanical dial or electronic push button lock to which you have lost the combination.

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