Overview of a Jackknife Lock Pick Set

Overview of a Jackknife Lock Pick Set

Overview of a Jackknife Lock Pick Set

In the field of locksmithing, there are several different types of lock pick sets designed for picking the many types of locks on the market. A licensed locksmith will possess a variety of pick sets. Some of these sets are used to pick locks for commercial and residential applications while others are for automobiles, safes, gates, and so on. every set must have the jackknife.

The Jackknife

One type of lock pick set is called a jackknife, which is small and, therefore, often carried on a keychain for quick and easy access. However, you should not be fooled by the compact size, because this set is a common tool used among the best licensed locksmiths.

Although a jackknife lock pick set is manufactured from different materials, the most common is tempered steel and composite. Since first being introduced, the jackknife lock pick set has become a popular choice among locksmiths. Again, because this pick set is so small, it is easy to carry and great for getting even tough jobs done right.

Types of Picking Tools

As with all pick sets, the included tools vary depending on the brand and product. When looking to purchase a pick set such as this, you want to make sure it is made from high-quality materials, knurled, and designed with a hard alloy handle that enhances strength, durability, and wear. For residential, commercial, industrial, automobile, and more, a jackknife lock pick set works incredibly well.

Some of the different lock pick tools commonly associated with a jackknife include:

  • Diamond – This pick has a flat bottom and ramp-shaped tip. The diamond tool is available in a number of sizes; based on the angle of the tip, locksmiths have much better reach when working around wafers and pins already picked or on the back portions of locks.
  • Single and Double Ball – For a single ball tool, the tip of the tool is fully round; for the double ball, there are two rounded tips, one slightly smaller than the other. These picking tools are often used when working on bidirectional wafer locking mechanisms.
  • Hook – With a rounded and bent upwards tip, this picking tool is ideal for pin tumbler locks. Of all the tools associated with a jackknife lock pick set, this is the one used most often by professional locksmiths.
  • Rake – The configuration of the tip is wavy, allowing for back-and-forth manipulation across pins in a lock. With this, a gap at the sheer line of the lock is created. For instance, when a locksmith works on a wafer lock, this pick tool causes vibration that allows the lock to open. For the rake pick tool, there are different types, including the “C,” “S,” “L,” and “W,” each with a slightly different profile that provides unique picking capability.

The exact jackknife lock pick set a locksmith uses will be based on the type of locks most commonly installed and repaired. Overall, this set is invaluable when it comes to locksmithing work.

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