Repair Tips for a Sliding Glass Door Lock

Repair Tips for a Sliding Glass Door Lock

One of the most important decisions you can make as a homeowner is adding good security locks on all entry doors of your home. Typically, the front door gets most of the attention, and while this is important, be sure any sliding glass doors are not overlooked. Obviously, a determined criminal will find a way inside, but sliding glass doors are one of the main ways that entry is made.

To you as the homeowner, a sliding glass door is an excellent way to let natural light in, and it provides a beautiful view to the outside. For an intruder, this type of door provides a means of breaking in with little effort. This is why any damaged or outdated locks need to be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible.

The locking mechanism of a sliding glass door is actually quite simple, especially when compared to looks on other doors. The good news is that repair is not difficult. Of course, if you need assistance in any way, a reputable locksmith can provide service. Typically, this do-it-yourself project takes no more than 15 minutes using standard tools you probably have around the house.

Repair Tips

To remove a damaged or broken lock on a sliding glass door, simply follow the steps provided below:

  • Remove the Old Lock – Using the appropriate tool, remove the nuts and bolts from the lock. With this done, the lock can be pulled out of place easily.
  • Lock Comparison – To make sure you get a lock that will fit your particular sliding glass door, you might consider taking the old lock to a local hardware or home improvement store. This ensures the correct lock is purchased.
  • New Lock Product – After getting home with the new lock, take a few minutes to review the components and any instructions provided by the manufacturer. Typically, everything you need will come in one cost-efficient package. If for some reason the instructions are missing or difficult to understand, the Internet provides a wealth of information pertaining to repairing a broken or damaged sliding glass door lock.
  • Checking the Mechanism – To ensure the new mechanism properly locks and unlocks, slide the key into the cylindrical portion of the lock.
  • Installing the New Lock – With the new lock out of the package, simply insert it in the opening where the original lock was placed. If necessary, you may need to use the blunt end of a screwdriver to gently move the new lock into position. Then screw in the new screws provided with the lock; if none came in the package, the old screws should work. Once the screws are tightened, the sliding glass door will be as good as new.

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