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San Jose Office / Commercial Safes

safesblueOffice and commercial safes are one of the best ways to keep things secure in a business setting. You can place important documents, petty cash and other valuables in the safe to keep them secure through just about any situation. In addition to protecting these items from potential break-ins at night, it also keeps them safe from employees who might be tempted to take something that isn’t theirs. Learning about the importance of having a Commercial safe is critical for the long term success of any business.

Recent studies have shown that about 75% of all people have stolen from their employer at least once. Even though the majority of these thefts were something minor, it does show what people are capable of. A somewhat more disturbing fact is that up to 33% of all business bankruptcies are caused, at least in part, by employee theft. Of these thefts 37% were done by a manager. While it might be impossible to prevent people from stealing pens, paper and other small items, installing commercial safes for your San Jose business is the best way to keep those truly valuable items secured.

Safes for San Jose Businesses

There are many different types of San Jose commercial safes available to choose from. Our experienced locksmith can help explain the differences and work with you to choose the right one to fit your specific needs. Depending on how large the safe needs to be, and what type of installation is required, the safe can be installed fairly quickly.

Looking at some of the most popular San Jose office safes is a great way to decide what type will work for a specific business. The following are some different options to choose from, but the best way to decide is to have one of our professional security experts come out and look at the area where it needs to go, and then make recommendations.

  • In Floor Safes – These safes are built into the floor for added security. They are extremely difficult to break into, and they can be concealed for additional safety. Depending on the type of flooring in a particular business, these can be installed faster than most people might think.
  • In Wall Safes – Similar to the floor options except they are built directly into the wall. For San Jose office safes, these are some of the most popular. They can be hidden behind pictures or other items, but are still easy to access.
  • Stand Alone Safe – A stand alone safe can be placed most anywhere. They can be anchored to the floor for increased protection when it is needed, though their weight will keep them from being taken by any but the most dedicated criminals.

Finding the right San Jose commercial safe for a particular business is a complex decision. This isn’t something which should be rushed into because if the wrong one is purchased, it is very difficult and expensive to have it removed and replaced. Working with a safety expert from San Jose Locksmith will help ensure the right safe for the right business